Vegetated conveyances are channels or swales that are created and include vegetation to decrease the speed of water and increase water infiltration.

Vegetated conveyances can provide opportunities for runoff treatment, and groundwater discharge. Also, they can replace conventional storm sewer systems in small drainage areas.

Eligible Components

  • Excavation
  • Grading
  • Soil amendments
  • Installation costs (planting/seeding)
  • Engineered soil
  • Plant material (including live stakes and fascine cuttings)
  • Geotextile fabric
  • Check dams
  • Erosion and sediment controls (matting)
  • Riffle substrate
  • Riprap/boulders
  • Underdrain components
  • Pretreatment costs.

Cost Share and/or Tax Credit Rates

  • Applicants, including any entity or member of the same household, will be limited to $50,000.00 in cost share
  • Permit fees are not an eligible component cost for any practice and therefore cannot receive cost-share
  • For specific amounts, contact the district office


Vegetated channels and swales should be constructed only in areas with sufficient sunlight to adequately maintain vegetation.

The channels must also be able to drain and dry out between storm events. 

As an alternative, the channel could be planted with ground covers that tolerate frequent short-duration flooding.

Contact the District Office to learn more!