Surfaces covered by impenetrable materials like asphalt, compacted gravel, concrete, brick, and stone are impermeable. These materials seal surfaces, repel water, and prevent precipitation from infiltrating into soils and groundwater.

Removal of these materials are intended to reduce stormwater runoff rate and volume, as well as other pollutants transported from the site by the runoff.

Patios, walkways, driveways, and other impervious surfaces can be converted to gardens or permeable pavers to increase infiltration of groundwater.

Eligible Components

  • Demolition (removal and disposal of surface material and aggregate)
  • Soil testing
  • Seedbed preparation (harrowing/raking/amending soil)
  • Permanent seed
  • Mulch
  • Sod
  • Erosion and sediment controls when needed

Cost Share and/or Tax Credit Rates

  • Applicants, including any entity or member of the same household, will be limited to $50,000.00 in cost share
  • Permit fees are not an eligible component cost for any practice and therefore cannot receive cost-share
  • For specific amounts, contact the district office

Contact the District Office to learn more!