Storage facilities are planned systems designed to manage liquid and/or solid waste from areas where livestock and poultry are concentrated. These facilities allow waste to be stored and spread at the proper time, rate, and location reducing pollution and helping control surface runoff to improve water quality.

Eligible Components of all Animal Waste Storage Facilities

  • Engineering services
  • Excavation and construction
  • Other components deemed eligible

Cost Share and/or Tax Credit Rates

  • Cost Share: 75% of total estimated project costs, with a $300,000 maximum payment
  • Tax Credit: 25% of eligible out-of-pocket expenses, after Cost Share payment

Types of Storage Facilities

Litter Storage Shed and/or Composting Facility

These facilities are designed for poultry producers who need litter storage or
composting facilities to meet the needs of their operation.

Liquid Manure Pit

These facilities are designed for producers who need liquid storage for manure generated on their operation.

Dry Stack Manure Storage and/or Seasonal Feeding Facility

These facilities are designed for producers who need dry manure storage as a result of confined feeding on their operation.

Loafing Lot Management System

The facilities are designed for dairy or other livestock for producers who need a sacrifice lot or covered facility, as
well as a bedded or manure pack area.

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