Advertisement for Bids Mid-Level Gate Installation # 26 Inch Branch

The Headwaters SWCD is requesting bids for the Mid-Level Gate Installation on South River Dam #26.  Bids for the construction of the project will be received at the Headwaters SWCD office located at 70 Dick Huff Ln, Verona, VA 24482 until Friday, July 17, 2020 at 1:00pm local time.  At that time the bids received will be publicly open and read. See below for the full advertisement and instructions for bidders.

RFP- Mid-level Gate Installation #26 Inch Branch

Flood Control Dams – Where are they?

Headwaters SWCD maintains, inspects and makes repairs for 11 SWCD flood control dams, and 5 additional dams of partner agencies.



* Dam #3, Poor Creek (VA Dept. of Corrections)
Dam #4, Lofton Lake
Dam #6, Stoney Creek
Dam #7, Wilda
Dam #11, Canada Run
Dam #25, Toms Branch
Dam #24, Happy Hollow
Dam #26, Inch Branch
Dam #23, Robinson Hollow
*Dam #10A, Mills Creek (Augusta County
*Dam #27, Upper Sherando (U.S. Forest Service)
Dam #19, Waynesboro Nurseries
*Dam #8A, Jones Hollow (City of Waynesboro)



*Dam #76, Elkhorn Lake (City of Staunton)
Dam #10, Todd Lake
Dam #77, Hearthstone Lake

* Non District owned

What we Do

  • Annual Inspections
  • Routine Maintenance
  • Annual Mowing
  • Tree Removal
  • Repair Seeps

Flood Control Dam Rehabilitations

The rehabilitation of a flood control dam becomes necessary when the safety classification of the dam changes due to development downstream of the dam or changes to dam safety regulations.

Augusta County, the City of Waynesboro, and HSWCD partnered with the Natural Resources and Conservation Service (NRCS) to rehabilitate 4 District dams with 1 more in the works.

NRCS led rehabilitation of a dam typically requires 3 years – 1 for planning; 1 for design; and 1 for construction. NRCS projects are funded by 65% federal and 35% local and state dollars. Construction costs for District dams rehabilitated so far range from about $700,000 to $3 million each.

Rehabilitation status of District owned dams:

  • Robinson Hollow (South River watershed) – completed in 2007  
  • Inch Branch (South River watershed) – completed in 2008
  • Toms Branch (South River watershed) – completed in 2010
  • Todd Lake (North River watershed) – completed in 2016
  • Hearthstone (North River watershed) – Hearthstone Rehabilitation Update

pdf image Robinson Hollow Rehab Slideshow

Core Sample Drilling at Hearthstone: