Agricultural BMP Cost-Share Program

We offer financial and technical assistance as well as state tax credit for a variety of best management practices through the Virginia Agricultural Cost Share Program.

This program can help you balance your desire to be a good steward of the land with your need to remain profitable. The program offers more than 50 conservation practices that cover the full spectrum of agricultural operations.

The Conservation District and the Natural Resources Conservation Services (NRCS) frequently partner to assist producers with their conservation efforts.

2022 Cost-Share Flyer

The SWCD staff welcome your interest and are happy to assist you with the application process.


Here’s How the Process Works…

Review and Sign a District Checklist. 

  • Contact technical staff to discuss what you would like to do, and we will be happy to meet with you and offer you options.

  Complete a Application Form & W-9 

You may sign up as a business or as an individual. Therefore, you will need your SSN or Farm Tax ID #.

Once we have your application we will create a project estimate and submit it to the Board for approval.

The Headwaters SWCD Board meets once monthly to approve new applications.

Average Cost for BMP Components

Cost-share payment is based on average annual costs or the actual cost to install components, whichever is less.